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We started 5 months back and we are kicking still. I will try to keep this short as possible. In a few months, we got a great set of community members who truly care about the community. But where is WF really heading too? So here is the plan.

Future Plans

We as WF will grow with the members of this community that truly makes a community awesome & stable.

More subforums/Categories will be added in the future depending on the requirements. 

Currently, Emerald membership can be gained by any member with 3000 credits (which is easy to earn trust me on this ;) ) for a duration of 3 months. (Hint - Donate credits ;) )

WF - Telegram: It is our chat platform other than our wonderful shoutbox, You get to learn a lot of stuff from the experience data-hoarders. (What comes after data-hoarding? It is sharing!). Please note, telegram is a chat and community platform to share data tips and tricks not a google drive piracy platform, for that you have WF.

Public or Private? : I get several questions and PM's regarding this. We could go invite-only in a few mins. Currently, we are not prepared for a closed community ( By closed I mean invite-only community) as we are not only G-Drive/Mega hoarders but also support pirates on other platforms such as rapidgator etc (Warez Tab). Our Gdrive TAB will always be hidden from guests irrespective of the outcome we decide in the future.

Premium Members: My intention is never to earn money on this platform. Webmasters who think they can earn money on piracy are stupid-AF. One of the reasons the staff gives out Premium membership to those who deserve it. But hey it does support the server cost so thanks for those valuable contributions really appreciate it. We will soon OpT out of Paypal (as my pseudo-PayPal account is having issues with respect to verification etc) Bit-coin will always be the preferable option. 

On another note, we had plans to add several giveaways for premium groups such as premium accounts or downloads, etc but that is now on hold. 

VIP Group: Instead of sorting members to Citrine/Premium groups we will now sort them to VIP groups for the lads who deserve.

How Do I be a VIP?
  • Do not PM the staff about it.
  • Be active in the community.
  • Contribute to the community.
  • Spread the word about WF to your buddies. 
  • VIP's are selected by a staff vote. The #'s of VIP's depends on the admins.
  • The perks of VIP are always kept secret. (the perks will show up as time passes by)
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Project: WF-Hoarding

As some of you have already noticed there is WF index on Telegram, It was created by members of the community (you know who you are). This was a community-driven project until now, Which we will officially support as a hoarding project, there will be a few changes in the future regarding this project. The "Community Owners" of the project will start an application here to select specific uploaders towards this project. The goal is to collect, contribute and share as much data in an organized fashion. 

The application Process of joining and contributing will be done via WF. This will give the hoarding project individuality and purpose. 
benefits- Can use this as a backup and this TD will have backups. So the backups have backups. It is a backup-ception.

We encourage our members to be a part of this project.

How to see the WF-Index? you need a certain amount of credits to unlock access. Check telegram for more details. VIP/Citrine/Diamond members can get access directly ask on telegram ;)

Most of the staff we have here have been a part of the scene for 15-20 years + ( yeh we are old as fuck). As we are growing on a un-predictable rate. We are in need of staff to join our ranks. 

PM @Murtadoc   or @Massacre  to apply - Let us know you're previous experience as a community leader/team and your views about WF and future plans etc. PS - This is not a job, we do not want you to spend 15 hours on WF. We all have lives *wink *wink.
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Thank you all for your efforts keeping up this site ...

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