Trial By Fire (2018) REPACK 720p WEB h264-WATCHER
Trial By Fire 2018 REPACK 720p WEB h264-WATCHER

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IMDB information:
Quote:Title: Trial by Fire (2018)
Genres: Biography, Drama
Description: The tragic and controversial story of Cameron Todd Willingham, who was executed in Texas for killing his three children after scientific evidence and expert testimony that bolstered his claims of innocence were suppressed.
Director: Edward Zwick
Writer: Geoffrey Fletcher (screenplay by), David Grann (based on The New Yorker article by)
Actors: Jack O'Connell, Laura Dern, Emily Meade, Chris Coy
Rating: 6.8
Runtime: 127 min
Language: English
Rate: R


Quote:mkv | 5.09 GB | 1280x688
02:07:04 | V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC | English
5091 Kbps | 23.976 fps | 1.85:1

Γûê ΓûêΓûæ ΓûäΓûäΓûä ΓûäΓûäΓûäΓûêΓûêΓûêΓûêΓûêΓûô ΓûäΓûêΓûêΓûêΓûêΓûä ΓûêΓûêΓûæ ΓûêΓûê ΓûôΓûêΓûêΓûêΓûêΓûê ΓûêΓûêΓûÇΓûêΓûêΓûê
ΓûôΓûêΓûæ Γûê ΓûæΓûêΓûæΓûÆΓûêΓûêΓûêΓûêΓûä Γûô ΓûêΓûêΓûÆ ΓûôΓûÆΓûÆΓûêΓûêΓûÇ ΓûÇΓûê ΓûôΓûêΓûêΓûæ ΓûêΓûêΓûÆΓûôΓûê ΓûÇ ΓûôΓûêΓûê ΓûÆ ΓûêΓûêΓûÆ
ΓûÆΓûêΓûæ Γûê ΓûæΓûê ΓûÆΓûêΓûê ΓûÇΓûêΓûä ΓûÆ ΓûôΓûêΓûêΓûæ ΓûÆΓûæΓûÆΓûôΓûê Γûä ΓûÆΓûêΓûêΓûÇΓûÇΓûêΓûêΓûæΓûÆΓûêΓûêΓûê ΓûôΓûêΓûê ΓûæΓûäΓûê ΓûÆ
ΓûæΓûêΓûæ Γûê ΓûæΓûê ΓûæΓûêΓûêΓûäΓûäΓûäΓûäΓûêΓûêΓûæ ΓûôΓûêΓûêΓûô Γûæ ΓûÆΓûôΓûôΓûä ΓûäΓûêΓûêΓûÆΓûæΓûôΓûê ΓûæΓûêΓûê ΓûÆΓûôΓûê Γûä ΓûÆΓûêΓûêΓûÇΓûÇΓûêΓûä
ΓûæΓûæΓûêΓûêΓûÆΓûêΓûêΓûô ΓûôΓûê ΓûôΓûêΓûêΓûÆ ΓûÆΓûêΓûêΓûÆ Γûæ ΓûÆ ΓûôΓûêΓûêΓûêΓûÇ ΓûæΓûæΓûôΓûêΓûÆΓûæΓûêΓûêΓûôΓûæΓûÆΓûêΓûêΓûêΓûêΓûÆΓûæΓûêΓûêΓûô ΓûÆΓûêΓûêΓûÆ
Γûæ ΓûôΓûæΓûÆ ΓûÆ ΓûÆΓûÆ ΓûôΓûÆΓûêΓûæ ΓûÆ ΓûæΓûæ Γûæ ΓûæΓûÆ ΓûÆ Γûæ ΓûÆ ΓûæΓûæΓûÆΓûæΓûÆΓûæΓûæ ΓûÆΓûæ ΓûæΓûæ ΓûÆΓûô ΓûæΓûÆΓûôΓûæ
ΓûÆ Γûæ Γûæ ΓûÆ ΓûÆΓûÆ Γûæ Γûæ Γûæ ΓûÆ ΓûÆ ΓûæΓûÆΓûæ Γûæ Γûæ Γûæ Γûæ ΓûæΓûÆ Γûæ ΓûÆΓûæ
Γûæ Γûæ Γûæ ΓûÆ Γûæ Γûæ Γûæ ΓûæΓûæ Γûæ Γûæ ΓûæΓûæ Γûæ
Γûæ Γûæ Γûæ Γûæ Γûæ Γûæ Γûæ Γûæ Γûæ Γûæ Γûæ



- [ R E L E A S E i N F O ] -

RLS. DATE.... 23/05/20

SiZE......... 5.09 GiB

RUNTIME...... 2 h 7 min

ASPECT....... 1.850

RESOLUTION... 1280x688

FRAMERATE.... 23.976

VIDEO........ AVC - 5 092 kb/s @ Untouched

AUDIO........ E-AC-3 - 640 kb/s - 6 channels @ Untouched


NOTES........ Previous release was bad packed


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