Steampunk Gun Game Asset Creation in Blender 2.80
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Steampunk Gun Game Asset Creation in Blender 2.80 | 11.46 GB
In this course I want to share the pipeline that I've use for my works by the form of creating a game asset. I'll be showing tips and shortcuts to reduce the painful tasks and focus your time where it counts. I'll be here to guide you at every step to make sure that you will take away the most out of the experience I'm sharing.

Brief course summary :
In this course we'll go through the compete pipeline of creating a Steampunk gun game asset, with some extras to help you with your own work.
Detailed topics to be covered:
- Concept and ideas guideline for your work using Pureref
- Highpoly and Lowpoly mesh modeling in Blender
- Detail Sculpting in Zbrush
- Efficient UV creation using Headus UV layout
- Texture map baking using a combination of Marmoset toolbag and Substance Designer.
- Realistic texturing with Substance Painter
- Realtime render with Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag, Blender eevee and Sketchfab
- By the end, you should have enough guidelines and tools required to make a AAA 3D asset for your work or personal projects.
So if you have the basics of the Blender, Zbrush or Substance Painter and want to take your level of work one step higher, then follow me in creating this amazing game asset, then apply the knowledge to your other projects. I guarantee you will be amazed by how far you can go in a span of days. So join me in this course at Victory3D, and boost your skills like never before.

01 - Intro
02 - Blockout
03 - High Poly Modeling
04 - Sculpting
05 - Low Poly Modeling
06 - UV Creation
07 - Baking
08 - Texturing
09 - Rendering



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