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SiNi Software Plugins 1.13.1 for 3ds Max 2020
[Image: c3f3933916aa7a80ba62940a5bc09fa6.jpg]

SiNi Software Plugins 1.13.1 for 3ds Max 2020 | 135.2 mb
The SiNi Software product team is pleased to announce the availability of SiNi Software Plugins 1.13.1 is that minimise your time doing the tedious and boring stuff allowing you to focus on the creative work you enjoy.

[Image: 169c8caeb7a858c348e7ea9ccea35484.jpg]


SiNi Software is a build of Autodesk 3ds Max plugins that minimise your time doing the tedious and boring stuff allowing you to focus on the creative work you enjoy. Plugin products can be divided into two groups, Utility plugins and Object plugins.

The utility plugins are grouped into our IgNite toolset and includes more than 200 tools and features with an expanding collection of bespoke plugins. These plugins allow you to optimise and repair 3D models, automate the setup HDRI lighting, relink projects, asset management library, MAXScript loader, SiNiScript, spline tools and much more.

The IgNite toolset includes;

Springboard - daily workflow tools located in one UI, including camera and display settings, MAXScript loader, SiNi configuration settings and much more...
Forensic - inspects your scene for issues and fix them before working on a scene. 5* rated by 3DWorld Magazine.
Scribe - spline tools, repair, cleanup, optimise any CAD imported drawing.
Sculpt - mesh tools, repair, cleanup, optimise any 3D, BIM model (Revit, Rhino, Sketchup etc).
Unite - relink and archive projects, including over 45 3rd party file types you may use in your work.
Jumble - random object transforms.
Illumi - HDRI setup wizard.
SiNiScript - Build your own MAXScripts adding SiNi tools and functions.
PREFLIGHT - Utility checklist tool to run-through and check-off before exporting to Unreal Studio.

The object plugins include;

SiClone - Parametric modeller that allows you to build simple repetitive assets or complex models, with an easy to use UI.
Disperse - 3D paint and object replace tool.
ProxSi - Universal proxy with round-trip editing and asset lock.
Scatter - Random scattering of objects. (Beta).

SiNi Software - ProxSi 3DS Max Plugin Introduction.

SiNi Software is the only 3D software company resolving complex architectural visualisation workflow issues adding multi-threading functions to dramatically increase computational power to handle working on massive BIM models.

Our founding directors bring more than 50 years of industry expertise across many sectors including, broadcast and film visual effects, architectural CGI visualisation and AAA games.

Product: SiNi Software Plugins
Version: 1.13.1
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Software Prerequisites: Autodesk 3ds Max 2020
Size: 135.2 mb

* System Requirements:

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 software is supported on the following 64-bit operating systems and at a minimum, requires a system with the following 64-bit hardware:

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 Professional operating system
Browser Autodesk recommends the latest version of the following web browsers for access to online supplemental content:
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
CPU 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor with SSE4.2 instruction set
Graphics Hardware Refer to 3ds Max Certified Hardware for a detailed list of recommended systems and graphics cards
RAM 4 GB of RAM minimum (8 GB or more recommended)
Disk Space 9 GB of free disk space for install
Pointing Device Three-button mouse

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