Share your "Foods of the world" - Come share your local cuisine!
If I had to say something good about the virus situation right now, I'd say itĀ gave/is giving an opportunity to people all around the world a chance to mingle and get to know each other.

This forum has seen it's largest spike in users from all over the world and there is one thing in common between all of us; we eat (except we can't eat cause no socialising) but can at least share some of the classic dishes that we miss or others are missing out on.

I'll begin...

I live in China, and thankfully my quarantine has come to an end. For the 40+ days I was inside, my chinese social media was filled with people dying to go out and eat the famous "Chongqing Spicy Hotpot".

What does it look like?

[Image: CWPGHJY.jpg]

A huge pot filled with a red, spicy soup that is always simmering. I don't really know what goes in it but it definitely takes some time to get use to.

In fact, when I first came to China, I literally thought it would poison me to death or melt away my stomach lining because of how much chilis were in the soup.

A very social type dinner filled with raw meats and veg that you drop into the hotpot to cook as it simmers and then you fish it out with your chopsticks and use a specially prepared dip before eating. Incredibly flavorful.

Imagine your perfect cut of beef sliced thinly and dipped for 15 - 20 seconds before eating. Succulent and juicy.

In fact it's so popular, people often come to Chongqing just for a weekend to eat.

Downside? You end up smelling of oil and chili. If you wear white clothes, you might as well throw it out after cause it aint washing out.

Also, at first, your untrained tongue will think everything that goes in, comes out tasting the same. But in good time, it only serves to enhance the flavor of whatever you are eating!

I'm going tomorrow!

China, Chongqing. Signing out!
I am staying in INDIA and currently there is a lock-down so tempted to eat good food now. realizing this after the lock down

sorry for my bad English.
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