Share your Drive links with the new WF-Drive
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WF-Drive - Protect your links

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Our Features:
  • Mass URL Upload
  • Copy From Drive
  • Folder Upload (but links are per files)
  • Anti-limit feature
  • Player: Subtitles
  • Cache download: if your shared file is broken, this script will automatically try to download from last successful download account
  • Oh yea! We are back with a new addition to warez forums and i am certain you will love this. You can now protect your links- It completely hides your drive location. How this works - To be blunt. It makes the end-user get a copy of the content you have. So you drive is never exposed in public.
  • You can also use a proxy account to share a link. How to create a new account without a phone number?
  • A small tutorial on how to share a link with the account created above (You can use your G-Drive mail as well).
For this tutorial i will use a random gdrive link and a fresh Gmail account.

1. Login
[Image: U6lmSco.png]

2. Select the new account which you created.
[Image: bTLWc1x.png]

3. [Image: 4Hc7BLP.png]

4. Go to upload link / Upload folder option
[Image: oOCVX55.png]
I will choose the upload link as I will be sharing a file.
paste the link and submit.

5. Go to shared files and click on the file
[Image: Yk42If0.png]

6. Copy the link and share done. 
[Image: Wyn6NMQ.png]
this is looking good gonna try this out and see how it goes Love
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Signature made by Katzenfreund
Holy shit this looks legit!

Actually getting this on a folder set to anyone can view

FAILED [File URL is invalid]
Oh okay so here is how you do it.

[Image: Y6Etqit.png]

Change to folderview
[Image: tK8ALy0.png]

So it should look like this before you hit that submit button
[Image: 90YJD0D.png]

And smash that submit button and you are set. (PS - You will be able to share files not folders so every file will have a separate link)

The contents of the file will be shown just copy-paste those links
[Image: 1THKF8D.png]
looks good bro seems strong the boys who upload content and share
Lurking as usual.
aahhhhh I see now!

Wow, this will really change how quickly I share what I have for you guys

Edit: Would it be too much to get checkboxes next to the created links when they are made from folder to copy checkmarked links?

Would make it much easier to encodebase64 these links for me that way.
Awesome MASSACRE Love Love Love
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Updated added the features of the drive sharer we use Smile
How many links/video can be in a folder?

Trying to share another series and all eps are in a folder but there are 139 files and the page does seem to take the link but no videos appear, is there a soft limit?
Yes there is a soft limit around 20 links.
Streaming is enabled. As of now. Should support a few links. the streaming links also do not reveal your drive. Please note the video must be processed by Google for the stream to work. 

[Image: Dln8z6q.png]
Here is the page going blank when trying to add 5 links at a time

[Image: GUZC5L9.png]

Seems to happen a bit intermittently
I optimized the server hope it fixes it.
I'm still having some bad issues on multiple browsers, can't really add anything I've been bundling this week
(02-22-2020, 02:33 AM)gdrivecreepin Wrote: I'm still having some bad issues on multiple browsers, can't really add anything I've been bundling this week

I am able to repro the issue and whats going on with the drive.

Sent you a PM check it out.

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