Purrpetual supply of cats
Just for the sake of a little exercise and fun, I thought I’d create augmented versions of a couple of animated cat GIFs. I call these perpetual supply to distinguish them from just looping the GIF.
So these are the original GIFs
[Image: rzTYtrY.gif]

[Image: Vwc3ap0.gif]

And below are the "purrpetualized" creations. I hope they amuse you.
Purrpetual skidding cats
[Image: JPxLoXA.gif]
Purrpetual long jumping cats
[Image: KHlQPs0.gif]
Simplicity is the natural result of profound thought.

[Image: WgOjDmE.gif]
That's cool man.
Well done Smile
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Cool !

But this needs portals x)

[Image: BbMJT0R.png]
[Image: gGN72g4.gifhttp:]
oh wow! That's a big jump from the second pic

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