JavaScript Data Structures - The Fundamentals
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Learn all the core basics about JS data structures - both built-in ones like Maps, Sets or Arrays as well as custom ones like Linked Lists, Trees, Graphs etc.

When working with JavaScript, you'll work with data structures all the .

That includes built-in ones like Arrays, Objects, Maps or Sets but - especially if you dive deeper into JavaScript - also custom data structures like Linked Lists, Trees or Graphs.

This course covers it all!

We'll recap the basic built-in data structures to understand how they work and when to use them, before we then explore important custom data structures.

In detail, this course covers the following structures:

Arrays (built-in)

Objects (built-in)

Sets (built-in)

Maps (built-in)

Linked Lists (custom)

Stacks (custom)

Queues (custom)

Hash Tables (custom)

Basic Trees (custom)

Binary Search Trees (BST, custom)

AVL Trees (custom)

Priority Queues (custom)

Heaps (custom)

Graphs (custom)

You will learn how those different data structures work, when they might be helpful, how to build them and of course we'll also explore their complexity (Big O notation)!

You'll get both the theory as well as practical examples to ensure that you fully understand all those key structures and you're able to work with them on your own after you finished this course - no matter if you need them for your next project or simply to ace an upcoming job interview!

To get the most out of this course, you should ensure that you have a basic understanding of JavaScript algorithms and that you especially understand the concept of complexity and "Big O" notation. In case you're missing those prerequisites right now, you can explore our Algorithms course!




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