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Coolutils Tiff Combine
[Image: Yr4zlp-J6cq-Ds-KCd-OYb-N4-M6qw-Hct-ZAKdz.png]

Coolutils Tiff Combine 45.8 MB

Tiff Combine is a reliable utility that combines several pages into one TIFF or PDF file. It is easy-to-use. All you have to do is to setup it and make several clicks. TIFF Combine will provide you with the fast and error free combining of tiff files. Unique features of TIFF Combine include: Combining TIFF files within folders. If you have 5 folders with 10 tiff files in each you get 5 multi-page tiff files as a result.
Combining TIFF files by common name part. You set the word that the app should find in the file names (i.e. 'invoice') and Tiff Combine merges those files that have this word in the file name (InvoiceJune1.tiff, InvoiceJune2.tiff, InvoiceDave.tiff).
New! Combine TIFFs and the app will auto-rotate them by the text direction.
Both TIFF and PDF output!

Features :

Combines TIFF files fast
Combines files by folders
Combines files by common name part
Can also resize, rotate and crop TIFFs
Auto-rotate TIFFs by the text direction
Can merge TIFF files into PDF
Allows setting TIFF compression and color space
For PDF output allows password protection and signing with a digital signature
Simple interface
Command line support

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