Cloudoza - Free 100 GB Cloud Storage
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Next-Generation Cloud Storage

What is Cloudoza?
Cloudoza is your secure cloud storage space (your online storage space), where you can store, access, share and backup all of your data. Besides being able to store any kind of file of any size, you also will be able to share your uploaded files with your family or friends. You can also add an expiring time for your shareable links making it expire after a specific time.
What type of files I can upload?
You can upload any file type to your account. If you have enough space on your account you may store and share any file type and size.
What kind of transfer speeds I can expect?
Cloudoza does not limit its users with transfer speeds. You'll be able to utilize full transfer speeds provided by your Internet Service Provider.
Who can I share my files with?
Cloudoza puts you in full control of your data. You can share files and folders with anyone. Sharing is easy and secure. Others will only be able to see what's shared with them, while the rest of your data stays private.
  • Cloudoza allows you to store files up to 100 GB at the moment
  • Maximum file upload size is 250 MB
  • It offers the professional an ad-free experience
  • It allows you to specify access control
  • Live streaming of audio/video and built-in office-files-viewer
Check our Knowledgebase or contact us through our live chat, email ([email protected]). We are more than happy to help you.
Are you planning to offer larger upload file sizes?
"Maximum file upload size is 250 MB"

I can't even upload 190 MB sized-files: "Could not upload file. Please try again later".

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