Active Data Studio 16.0.0 (x64) +WinPE
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Active Data Studio 16.0.0 (x64) +WinPE (x64) | 560 / 393 Mb

Need to backup & restore your disks, recover deleted documents & photos, erase disks securely, monitor HDD health, or even repair PC when Windows can't start normally? [email protected] Data Studio is a set of both desktop applications plus a bootable CD/DVD or USB Disk for booting up any system into a Windows Recovery Environment.

To perform data recovery?
[email protected] File Recovery - restores deleted files & folders, even from deleted, damaged or formatted volumes
[email protected] Partition Recovery - recovers damaged and accidentally deleted partitions
[email protected] UNDELETE - advanced data recovery toolset
[email protected] Partition Manager - creates, deletes, edits & formats partitions on your computer.
[email protected] Password Changer - resets Windows user account passwords
[email protected] Disk Editor - low level advanced disk editor (Hex Viewer)

Disk Backup & Imaging
[email protected] Disk Image - complete solution for data backup and restoring
[email protected] Data Burner - burns data to CD/DVD/BD media, command line supported
[email protected] ISO Manager - tool for mastering ISO image data files for CD/DVD/Blu-ray media;

PC Repair
[email protected] Boot Disk Creator - utility for creating a bootable Windows on CD/DVD or USB flash media;
[email protected] Boot Disk - is a complete and functioning computer operating system on CD/DVD/USB disk;
[email protected] Disk Monitor - monitors hard disk drive health and status
[email protected] BCD Editor - Views & Edits BCD (Bootable Configuration Data) Store, restoring PC bootable partition

Latest software versions:
- [email protected] KillDisk 12 (build 12.0.27)
- [email protected] File Recovery 20
- [email protected] Partition Recovery 20
- [email protected] Password Changer 10

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